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In order to commend the advanced and boost morale, on the afternoon of April 15, 2021, Jiangsu Plus Biotechnology Co., Ltd. solemnly held the March Performance Commendation Conference. The leaders of the board of directors issued certificates, bonuses and took a group photo to the commended team and individuals.

Since the beginning of this year, the employees of the company have worked hard to move forward. In March, the performance reached a new high and the number of commendations further increased. Fei Yapei, the head of the business department, said in a speech: "The company carried out reforms in the business team at the beginning of the year and selected assistant talents. 、Implement the reward system for teachers and improve the company’s various business activities. While bringing us benefits and hope, it also brings us thinking. We must learn from outstanding people and make ourselves better and better. Contribute to the balance of team interests and collective interests."

"Each activity of the company gives us an opportunity and embodiment to test our business capabilities." Chen Xiaotong, the representative of the business star, has his own interpretation of the meaning of the activity. She said: "While achieving results, don't be overly complacent. Keep a clear mind and look at where you can strengthen so that we can continue to improve."


It is precisely because of difficulties that there will be growth. Although the rising star Wan Fengjuan has been in the company for less than a year, she feels that the biggest gain is that she has made great progress and improvement in business quality and work ability, and it has also inspired her to keep moving forward and perfect.

Newcomer Wang Xu Chunxiang said when sharing her business experience: “There is no miracle in the world, and there are no customers who have fallen from the sky. Only if you do more by yourself, there will be more opportunities and more deals.” She said in her future work. , Maintain an empty cup mentality, and treat every customer and every quotation seriously. I believe that as long as you persist, as long as you work hard, there will be surprises! "

Behind the breakthrough in the performance of newcomers in a short period of time, it is inseparable from the patient guidance and help of the teachers. As the representative of the teacher’s father this time, Jiang Xu said: “As an assistant in charge, helping to bring newcomers is part of the job. In the spirit of mutual help from the company, I will teach the unreserved teachings I have learned at Plus Give newcomers and friends, patiently and meticulously solve their various problems, let them feel the warmth of the Plus family, and integrate as soon as possible, so that they can become the backbone of the company as soon as possible."

At the end of the meeting, the vice chairman of the company, Mr. Ji, made a summary and comment on behalf of the company and Mr. Cao. President Ji highly affirmed the hard work of the business partners in March, and extended warm congratulations to the commended partners. Mr. Ji said: “At present, the company’s team is gradually growing and performance is developing steadily. All achievements are inseparable from everyone’s hard work, the company’s good policy orientation, the support of the company’s platform, and business and Effective coordination and cooperation between non-business departments. Development is the last word! The company has further strengthened its marketing and team building since last year, and has achieved a policy of heavy rewards. Since this year, new incentives have been introduced for new teachers, and new ones will be introduced. Incentive policies, all problems must be solved through development. The ultimate goal of the company is to achieve a win-win relationship between the rapid development of individuals and the healthy development of the company, so that everyone can get better returns through hard work and reflect value." President Ji also asked everyone Under the company's standardized business processes and management, we pay attention to details, control risks, actively expand new customers, maintain old customers carefully, and work together to achieve rapid growth in performance and rapid improvement in skills!

The development of an enterprise requires the joint efforts of all employees. It is precisely because of the concerted efforts of the people of Plus, that they return with full success again and again. I hope that our friends in the future journey will be like a broken bamboo, looking up and down, and returning home!

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